sábado, 14 de fevereiro de 2009

Sean Price Presents Ruste Juxx

Amigos leitores,mais um trabalho com a mão do nosso amigo Sean Price.

01. Wipe Off Ya Smile (Feat. Blaze) (Prod By Black Milk)
02. System On Blast (Feat. Reek) (Prod By PF Cuttin)
03. Get Up (Feat. Lil Vic) (Prod By PF Cuttin)
04. Machine Gun Skunk (Feat. Jahdan) (Prod By Masse Salazar)
05. Grave Digga (Prod By Masse Salazar)
06. Morgue Truck (Prod By Masse Salazar)
07. Let Me In (Prod By Dan The Man)
08. Pimpin Ya Wife (Prod By M-Nasty)
09. To All My Enemies (Prod By Dan The Man)
10. Duck Down! (Prod By Black Milk)
11. Homicide Niggas (Feat. Reek) (Prod By DJ Large)
12. Love Is Worth Waiting For (Prod By Blastah Beatz)
13. Blaze Freestyle Interlude (R.I.P.)
14. Blaze My Fire (Feat. L.A.W.) (Prod By DJ Large)
15. Optimistic (Prod By Blastah Beatz)

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Unknown 15 de fevereiro de 2009 01:19  

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Anônimo,  30 de janeiro de 2010 22:20  

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