sexta-feira, 6 de março de 2009

Evidence - Storm Watch

Esse é um mixtape do nada mais nada menos,integrante do grupo Dilated Peoples mr. Evidence.

Esse mix lançado em 2008, reuni grandes nomes do Underground music norte americano e nos brinda com boas produções.

01. Reason for the LP (Intro)
02. Hot and Cold feat. Alchemist
03. Years in the Making
04. Reservation for One
05. Meeting Encore (Skit)
06. Filthy feat. Encore
07. Evolution/Revidence feat. DJ Revolution
08. E=MC2 feat. Mr Eon
09. Working with Defari (Skit)
10. Last Line of Defense
11. Top Prospects feat. Defari
12. Its Gonna Pop feat. Joe Scudda and Alchemist
13. The Most Important Thing Now…(Skit)
14. Undisputables
15. All Said and Done feat. Kobe
16. Olde English (Remix) feat. Rakaa Iriscience, Defari and Babu
17. Caffeine
18. Coming up with Alchemist (Skit)
19. 4th of July feat. Big Twin, Alchemist and Prodigy
20. Weed vs. Beer
21. Nightlife
22. Skyscrapers feat. Rakaa Iriscience and Babu
23. Getting a deeper voice… (Skit)
24. Confidence
25. Heart Pound
26. Last Call feat. Kanye West
27. Story behind Last Call…(Skit)
28. Down in New York City
29. Making the Medicine…(Skit)
30. The Medicine feat. Planet Asia
31. Mr. Slow Flow (Koolade Remix)


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